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National Parks Videos

The videos are available for download on Vimeo.com. There is also a trailer as a stream for each national park on this website. For me, not only the time limit is decisive for a trailer (sometimes around one to two minutes), but also the time based on the number of facets I would like to show. - If you don't even have time for a trailer, how could you have time for the much longer video?!

* The stream of the video of the Carara National Park is free of charge for the following reason: I would like to give you the opportunity to see, without obligation, how the quality, the content and the sequence of such a video looks like. This is the first national park I visited. I have incorporated my experiences from this visit into the following videos in order to optimise them even more.
Price: On Vimeo.com available currencies.
The number in brackets after the name indicates the position of the video on Vimeo.

Name National ParkTimeFile MBPriceInformations
Barra Honda (01)31:39 min3'420US$ 3.00none
Braulio Carrillo (14)45:59 min5'030US$ 4.50Sector Quebrada González
Cahuita (02)64:00 min6'990US$ 6.00Playa Blanca to Puerto Vargas
Carara (03)*30:31 min3'310US$ 1.00Price symbolic for the download
La Cangreja (04)41:37 min4'550US$ 4.00none
Las Baulas (05)60:15 min6'580US$ 6.00Playa Grande
Los Quetzales (06)30:35 min3'310US$ 3.00none
Manuel Antonio (13)92:04 min10'100US$ 9.00none
Marino Ballena (07)58:11 min6'380US$ 5.50Playa Uvita
Palo Verde (08)47:48 min5'220US$ 4.50none
Rincón de la Vieja (09)66:08 min7'230US$ 6.50Sector Las Pailas
Volcán Arenal (10)91:22 min10'100US$ 9.00Sector Volcán and Península
Volcán Irazú (11)37:40 min4'090US$ 3.50none
Volcán Tenorio (12)44:36 min4'870US$ 4.00none

The videos document the view of a visitor who primarily does not use a guide (big exceptions of course the cave in Barra Honda and where it is obligatory to take one, in Corcovado).

I have refrained from using commentaries and music. Otherwise you would not be able to hear the sound of the sea, the birds etc. undisturbed. The point is also to give you the authentic acoustics. So you also know where you can enjoy the silence in today's noisy and hectic times.
However, to make information available, I have created text overlays (as needed*). This also has the advantage that I can use each video in several languages.

On the respective video website of a national park you will find a breakdown of a maximum of 10 categories. So you know roughly what the content is made up of. These 10 are as follows: Informative, Entrance, Trails, Nature, Plants, Animals, Waters, Special features, Other, Slide show. Informative includes the intro, the multilingual park map (for orientation of the current stay) with animation and the credits. Special features are features that not every national park has (e.g. Volcán Tenorio a beautiful waterfall, Barra Honda a cave, Palo Verde a lagoon). Each category is judged by its main content. If, for example, there is an animal on a trail or by a body of water, this is weighted higher as a category, or just as in the case of special features.

As already mentioned at the beginning, the Carara National Park and the trailers of the national parks are therefore at your disposal without obligation.