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In case anyone is interested (also because of copyright):

Photos, videos and drawings
ALL photos, videos and drawings on this website as well as in the videos and trailers were created by me (artist name Rodrigo Mancuso).
The drawings also include my (self-made) logo, the navigation buttons, the maps and in the videos the logo intro, the park maps with animation (from which you can see where I am) and the title design of the slideshows.

I am also responsible for the concept, design and layout of this website.
A big exception is the photo carousel. It is Fotorama by Artem Polikarpov, which I use with my best thanks.
The general information and the first 14 national parks (until April 2021) from the original German text have been translated by Beatrice Bruss.
Regarding videos and information see also on my Youtube-Channel.

The PNP in the internet address is explained as follows:
PN is the abbreviation for Parc National (in French) and Parque Nacional (in Spanish).
NP is the abbreviation for NationalPark (in German) and National Park (in English).
So I made this combination.

Some more information about Costa Rica from my point of view, which might be helpful: