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Manuel Antonio

The following is a list of information

VisitedMarch 2021
Entrance *US$ 20
Opening hours07:00h (7am) to 15:00h (3pm)
currently closed on Mondays
Car park-
ing lot °
For the visit to the national park, it is best to take accommodation.
DirectionsFrom Ruta 34, a 2km access road leads to Quepos. From there it is another 7km (up and down) to the Manuel Antonio National Park. All roads are asphalted.
Info. on my partX. Inside the National Park
Y. Punta Catedral
Z. Tip for those who like it romantic
Further info.VisitCostaRica.com

* The entrance fee applies to persons who are neither locals nor have a residence permit (Residenz).
° There is no public parking near the entrance of the National Park. There is one, but it is about 3km away and quickly occupied. From there, a walk can be dangerous. On the one hand because of the narrow road and the traffic, on the other hand because of the heat and the ups and downs.

  1. From the entrance, a wide and then (from Bahía 8) a narrow wooden footbridge (partly also asphalted footpath) leads into the park. Parallel to this, there is a wide gravel road, which serves, among other things, as a service path and as an evacuation route. Both lead to the cafeteria. This in turn is one of two prominent landmarks (both are visible in the trailer). The second is a walk-in tower from which, among other things, a path leads to the Punta Catedral.
  2. When walking around the Punta Catedral, be careful not to follow this named signpost continuously (otherwise you may end up walking in circles). There are three viewpoints, but NONE are called Punta Catedral (unlike Cahuita National Park, where there is effectively a view called Punta Cahuita).
  3. Finally, something sentimental: If you like it romantic for two, I recommend the Puerto Escondido view. It may well be that you have this place to yourself.