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Braulio Carrillo

On Vimeo.com, the video is available for US$ 4.50 as a download (thus a return is excluded). It has a running time of 45:59 min and a file size of about 5'030 MB. General information about the videos can be found here, in case you have not seen them yet.

Copyright/right of use:
This video is primarily intended for private use. The purchase entitles the purchaser to share it with persons living in the same private household as him or her. If there are interests beyond this (ANY publication, TV documentary, tourism, for your own website, etc.), the procedure is as follows:

  1. Buy video (no copies of which may be made, but only viewed by the persons in charge)
  2. Watch and decide if it has something of interest (whole video and/or excerpts)
  3. If yes, contact me to discuss the whole thing

The video on my Youtube-channel is a chronological summary of the purchase video. It also has additional information on this subject. The video shown here is divided into categories according to the table.

ClassificationRunning time
Informative06:09 min
Entrance06:05 min
Trail14:20 min
Animals *02:07 min
Slide show05:59 min
Waters03:10 min
Special features02:44 min
Plants04:07 min
Other01:18 min
Total45:59 min

* Dancing bird